Becoming a club member is before everything an easy way for you to show your support to the association and its volunteers.

You can find more details about our tariffs here.

As a member you will be able to come outside of the beginner’s sessions to train in group or with a dedicated coach, and more importantly you will be notified of and invited to all club events we organize through the year. You will be able to be an active part of the great community the Flèche d’Or club is.

Being a member gives you the right to vote for your representatives or to present yourself in the committee on each General Assembly.

We do not restrict who can join the club, but we recommend the following before applying for a membership to ensure everyone can still properly enjoy the premises:

  • participate to Sport pour Tous for a season to have enough experience to be left on your own, and be invited by one of our coaches, or
  • participate to one of the quarterly stages where you will learn more in-depth about archery, or
  • as an already seasoned archer, have an assessment session with one of our committee member, or coaches, to ensure you can be on your own during training sessions.

Once you meet one of these criteria, you can fill in the membership form to send to the club’s administrative committee, which will then send you your membership fee bill once all information is validated. Once you have paid the bill, you automatically become a member, giving you the same rights as every other one.

We also recommend active shooters to initiate a request to get a federal license. Even if you have no actual interest in competing, it gives you an extra insurance policy, and allows you to go train in other clubs during your vacation time.

In some cases we have supporting members applying for a membership (spouses, parents of shooters, former members), that do not have any interest in actively participating to trainings, and more generally in shooting. These application are usually very quickly accepted by our committee.