Sport pour Tous is organized by the City of Luxembourg, and aims for helping people discover new sports within the limits of the city.

You can get more information about Sport pour Tous on the city website, as well as details on how to register.

The Flèche d’Or club has been a partner of the City of Luxembourg for years now, and holds initiation sessions through the whole year.

During 2023-2024 season, sessions are held every Thursday outside of public holidays or school vacation, from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm either in the shooting hall in Bonnevoie, or outside in Bambesch, depending on the time of the year.

Children can participate from 14 y.o. We do not have suitable equipment for younger children.

How to take part?

You would need to register through the City of Luxembourg, once the registration is confirmed, we should receive and updated list of participants with your name on it. Shall this not be the case, we cannot allow you on the premises.

If you have any questions about the waiting list or the registration, you would need to contact the City directly, as we have no say in who comes on this list.


We provide all archery equipment: bows, arrows, protections; but you have to bring suitable clothing:

  • Comfortable shoes (if possible no dark soles to prevent marking the rubber floor). There is a very high chance you will be standing up the whole time.
  • Fitting clothes, as we decline all responsibility for any damage caused by a bowstring to your clothes. We do our best to allow you to shoot safely, but this point we cannot control.
  • Positive mood: Shooting is FUN. Don’t put yourself under pressure even if you don’t succeed on your first session. Nobody was world champion from day one !

Shooting safely

We put all means to ensure shooters and trainers safety.

Shall a shooter not respect safety rules, even through trainer’s reminders, we could take the decision to ban them from the shooting field. This is something we take seriously, and no refund will be issued.

In a similar way, deliberately damaging club equipment will lead to a ban of the practice. (don’t worry, we all do mistakes and we all broke some stuff)

Bad weather

It’s Luxembourg… What do you expect ? When Sport pour Tous sessions are held outside, there is no roof above the shooters.

We do our best to maintain the sessions (have trainers on premises) through cold and rain, but thunderstorms are a no-go. We will cancel the sessions if it is deemed unsafe.

There are no plans to organize an extra session if one had to be canceled due to bad weather.