The 2023-2024 season is about to start for all people interested in participating to the Sport pour Tous. The first session will be held on Thursday 5th of October at 7 pm at the Bonnevoie shooting range. (You can find more information on the vdl page)

We hope to see you in numbers there, however we have to address a couple of very important points, that will remain valid for the whole season:

  • only people that received a confirmation of registration from the city will be allowed to participate (your payment details do not work here)
  • due to the waiting list process, if you do not show up and get booted after some time, you will need to reapply (please figure out the details with the city, we do not handle registrations nor waiting lists)
  • to ensure everyone can enjoy their session, please be on time (and also do not come one hour too early…), and always follow the instructors orders.
  • security comes first, participants that do not follow safety or instructor’s rules will be removed from the course.

And some practical information since the questions always come ☺

  • we provide all shooting equipment and protections, there is no need to worry
  • keep in mind you will be standing up for one hour, wear comfortable shoes
  • do not wear loose clothes, it’s a sport activity, not a fashion show…
  • we’ll always do our best to provide you with the most suitable bow for your needs, but if you cannot physically pull on our lightest ones, there is not much more we can do