Regular hours

During the regular hours, members can come at any time to train, as long as

  • they have been cleared by the committee to train without assistance
  • two people are present in the shooting range

The opening hours outside of school vacation time for 2023-2024 are the following:

Monday9:00-21:00 *
Thursday9:00-21:00 *
2023-2024 regular schedule

* The range has limited availability, see below.

Note that the following slots have different restrictions

Monday18:30-20:00Quarterly training sessions, the range is open for members that require to work on their equipment, but during the course, there will be no access to the targets.
Wednesday18:00-19:30Official training, everyone can come practice, we guarantee that someone will be here for you to have access to the range.
Thursday19:00-20:00Sport pour Tous, the range is open for members that require to work on their equipment, but during the course, there will be no access to the targets.
2023-2024 special schedule

Exceptional opening time

By default, the range is closed on the week-ends and during the school vacation, but we do our best to request to have it open during these days. As the schedule will depend on the use of the rest of the facilities, the hours can seem a bit strange.


SaturdaySeptember 30th, 202315:0020:00
September 2023 extra schedule


SaturdayOctober 7th, 202313:0018:00
SundayOctober 8th, 202316:0021:00
SaturdayOctober 14th, 202314:0020:00
SaturdayOctober 21th, 202314:0020:00
MondayOctober 30th, 202310:0021:00
TuesdayOctober 31st, 202310:0021:00
October 2023 extra schedule


ThursdayNovember 2nd, 202310:0021:00
FridayNovember 3rd, 202310:0021:00
SaturdayNovember 11th, 202314:0020:00
SundayNovember 12th, 202314:0020:00
SaturdayNovember 18th, 202315:0020:00
SundayNovember 26th, 202315:0020:00
November 2023 extra schedule


SaturdayDecember 2nd, 202314:0020:00
SundayDecember 3rd, 202315:0018:00
SaturdayDecember 9th, 202314:0020:00
SundayDecember 10th, 202310:0018:00
SaturdayDecember 16th, 202317:0021:00
SundayDecember 17th, 202316:0021:00
December 2023 extra schedule

January (2024)

SaturdayJanuary 13th, 202415:0020:00
SaturdayJanuary 20th, 202415:0020:00
SaturdayJanuary 27th, 202413:0020:00
SundayJanuary 28th, 202413:0020:00
January 2024 extra schedule

February (2024)

SaturdayFebruary 3rd, 202414:0019:00
MondayFebruary 12th, 202409:0021:00
TuesdayFebruary 13th, 202409:0021:00
WednesdayFebruary 14th, 202409:0021:00
ThursdayFebruary 15th, 202409:0021:00
FridayFebruary 16th, 202409:0021:00
February 2024 extra schedule

March (2024)

SaturdayMarch 9th, 202414:0020:00
SundayMarch 10th, 202414:0020:00
SaturdayMarch 16th, 202414:0020:00
March 2024 extra schedule

April (2024)

SaturdayApril 20th, 202414:0020:00
SundayApril 28th, 202414:0020:00
April 2024 extra schedule