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The Flèche d’Or archery club is thrilled to invite you to their yearly indoor tournament, the Prix de la Ville de Luxembourg, also valid for the FLTA (Fédération Luxembourgeoise de Tir à l’Arc) team circuit. The tournament is held on Sunday, February 4th 2024 at the Bonnevoie sports hall (42 rue Jean-François Gangler, Luxembourg city).

The tournament is a regular 2x18m round (in two series of 10 ends of 3 arrows), with two rounds in the day. Tournament participants should be in possession of a valid WA licence (in case of doubt, please do not hesitate to contact us). If required for your local archery federation, the scores can be certified by our judges for you to send them back to your local federation. Competitors can also decide to go with both rounds during the day, in which case only the first score will be retained for the ranking (unless there is a change in bow category).


Age categories are based upon FLTA rules (and apply to the birth year, not the birthdate)

  • ≤ 12 years old — Scolaires (60cm target)
  • ≤ 14 years old — Minimes (60cm target)
  • ≤ 17 years old — Cadets
  • ≤ 20 years old — Juniors
  • 21 → 49 years old — Seniors
  • ≥ 50 years old — Veterans

Ranking in the upper category is possible upon simple request to the organizing committee at the time of the registration.

The following bow categories are retained, following the WA (World Archery) equipment regulations :

  • Barebow (40cm full target face)
  • Compound (40cm tri-spot face)
  • Recurve (40cm full target face or tri-spot 40cm to be announced at the time of the registration)


The schedule of the day is as follows (the provided time is only an indication and will not be binding) :

  • 7:00 opening of the venue
  • 7:30 opening of the inscription booth
  • Morning session
    • 9:00 warm-up (3 ends)
    • 9:20 first scoring round (10x 3 arrows)
    • 10:30 beak
    • 10:50 second scoring round (10x 3 arrows)
  • 12:15 lunch break
  • Afternoon session
    • 13:45 warm-up (3 ends)
    • 14:05 first scoring round (10x 3 arrows)
    • 15:15 break
    • 15:35 second scoring round (10x 3 arrows)
  • 17:00 end of the tournament
  • 17:15 awards ceremony

Misc. information

Following the shooting duration changes suggested by the FLTA, the tournament will use a 90 seconds base, with no equipment failure breaks. Also to save some time, no equipment verification will be held before the shooting starts, but the target judges can control participants at any time. We recommend you to come forward if you have any doubts about the equipment you use for shooting.

A bar will be open to provide drinks and some cold catering, using a 10€ coupon system.

Participation fees are as follows : Adults — 12€, Children (-18 y.o.) — 10€. Payment can be done cash or with a banking card at the registration booth, or with bank transfer for Luxembourgish clubs.

Registration to be done before Tuesday, January 30th 2024 ideally earlier, by email to register@flechedor.lu. For organization reasons, please inform the club as early as possible in case of registration changes. A no-show on the day of the tournament could be billed to the archer or the club.