What age can I start with?

We allow children with 14 years to participate at Sport pour Tous. For special cases we allow younger children to start with archery. These special cases are for example a strong builded body, over average body size or previous experience. Feel free to contact us for more information and to make an appointment to see with one of our responsables.

Where can I buy archery equipment?

You can buy your equipment online in one of the many archery shops or in the local archery shop in Luxembourg.

Can I get help to buy my first bow?

Yes, we definitely will help you to buy your first bow. As a novice in archery it is impossible to see through the mass of brands and equipment and find the right things for you. Feel free to contact one of the coaches to help you choose the fitting equipment for you.

Can elderly people still start with archery?

Yes you can. There is no age limit to archery and you can always come and try it out. Archery is a nice discipline to do also for retired people. You can enjoy to be during the warm days outside and do something for yourself, not as exhausting as other disciplines.

Can I also become a member without shooting competitions?

Yes you can. We support both types of members, those who shoot competitions and those who come to enjoy their free time with friends on the shooting range. We also host some of the best archers in Luxembourg.

Is archery dangerous?

No archery is not dangerous. Archery is one of the safest sports in the world with a very small number of accidents. These accidents are not people who are shot by an arrow, but little injuries like a bend over foot.

Is a bow a weapon?

No, not here in Luxembourg. The bow used for sport is unlike a crossbow not falling under the weapon law, no matter what the power of the bow is.

What disciplines are available in the club?

We can help you with Recurve, Compound and Barebow. Not only can you shoot these different bow types, we also offer you coaching by experienced people and help you to setup your existing equipment or to buy a fitting bow.