Becoming a member is before all a way for you to show your support to the association and its volunteers.

As a member you will get invited to events held by the club, you will have access to advanced training, and you are even eligible to wear one of our nice outfits during the tournaments or official club events 🙂

You can ask to become a club member after having followed some sessions of Sport pour Tous, and after having discussed with one of our trainers who accepted to take you as one of their pupils.

If you already are a seasoned archer, you still have to meet one of our trainers to perform a level assessment.

Membership received with no prior consultation with a trainer might get declined.

Fill the relevant form for you, and the Administrative Committee will validate your application. You will then receive a confirmation and a bill to pay your membership fee valid until the renewal period.

Your membership will be valid from the time the payment is cleared.