Outdoor range


With the summer time, the club moves its equipment to the outdoor range, in the Bambësch forest, usually from April to September.

The place is not shared with another association, meaning access is possible 24/7. An additional storage room is available to keep bows and other equipment safe. During summer time, work equipment like bow press or arrow saw are moved to the storage room.

The place offers fixed target butts: 18m, 30m, 50m, 60m, 70m, 90m as well as some covered space in case of bad weather.

As of 2019, we have a plan of replacing the actual compacted hay targets with foam targets, made by Eleven Targets. Some extra care will be asked to our members to keep them lasting.

A couple of mobile targets will be available as well, to put to non marked distance, or if no place is available.

Next year, some 3D targets will be ordered for practice as well.

Our members usually organize informal events in summer time (barbecues, Gulash, etc). Check with them if anything is planned.

Some extra care is requested with the 70m target, as a Great Tit chose to nest behind the protection board (small damage in the board, protected space, you get it). It is laying eggs twice a year, meaning the right part of the target is preferably not to be used from mid April to July.
Stay tuned on our Facebook page to get updates about the chicks !


The range is located below the football field, the entrance door is by the small road on the way down to the forest. It is not possible to park the car nearby, yet park places are available 300m and 500m away (grey markers).

It is possible to reach the place with the bus: line 275 (stop Bambësch centre sportif) or line 21 (stop Muhlenbach, Peiffeschbierg) (yellow markers).

Check the below map on how to access our field.