Due to the still ongoing pandemic, we are unfortunately still in a position where we cannot open the shooting range to all members and beginners. This is done in an attempt to not endanger any of the archers who would be in close contact in the club.

The current restrictions or limitations are as follow (club members received more detailed options)

  • There will be no beginner’s courses until indoor season. This covers the Sport pour tous, and any kind of private events we would have been requested to organize.
  • As we cannot safely guarantee that club equipment will be disinfected between use, we do not allow club members who do not have their own equipment to shoot.
  • No coached training will be held.
  • We require that archers accessing the premises register with President or the committee.
  • We require that archers on the premises follow the FLTA and Government regulations.

As a consequence, we regret that we cannot accept new members, unless they are independent enough to shoot without supervision and own their equipment. The committee will still decide if a new member can be accepted under these conditions.

We ask for your understanding, and hope we will be able to lift these restrictions very soon to revive the club’s life.

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