Friends Tournament — Torch shooting 2019

Invitation Tir aux Flambeaux 29 juin 2019

The Flèche d’Or club will be hosting both his friends tournament and the torch shooting on June 29th.

Both tournaments are free of charge, open to everyone as long as they are member of an archery club and own their equipment. No WA licence is required.

The shooting will be held at 30m on a 80cm face (reduced faces for compound bows).

Around the Torch shooting, a dinner will be held (grills), to which anyone can take part. A participation fee of 17€ for adults and 10€ for children less than 16 y.o. is required. The club will give all profit to a charity, the Televie.

More information about the schedule on the invitation package (in French), or on the event pages for both friends tournament and torch shooting.

Reservation required by e-mail at, as early as possible to ease organization. Deadline is 24th of June.

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